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Meet the Founder of Satya Healing & Wellness

Welcome to Satya Healing and Wellness, a place of healing and spiritual growth. My name is Tammy Smith, and I am a Capricorn Moon with a passion for helping others find peace and clarity. At Satya Healing, I offer a variety of services such as grief work, trauma healing, meditation, and nature-based yoga.

My studio is an inclusive, welcoming space that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. It is my goal to help you find balance, peace, and harmony in your life. I use yoga, meditation, and holistic healing methods to help my clients tap into their inner selves and create the life of their dreams.  Using breath work, mindful movements, and meditation, I will help you find balance and peace within yourself.  Come and join me on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.  Namaste.

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My Story

Tammy Smith
Founder & Yoga Instructor

 I'm Tammy, owner and creator of Satya Healing and Wellness.  Getting to this place and having this vision of the space that I have created has been part of the journey through healing and growing as a result of my loss.  It has been the grief of the loss of my husband when I was 39, becoming a single mom, changing, new directions, wanting peace and grounding back in my life and not giving up which has landed me in my current days.

For me being an authentic yoga teacher is not only me understanding myself and my students but it is me learning and continuing to grow with my students.

I feel that I have a gift to help heal others and yoga is the instrument to getting you my students in the door of the most amazing studio that is a reflection of the peace and serenity that I live in and that I want to share with you. I will be providing a space for you to feel safe in so that you too can live in your truth, Satya.  You will be able to have the support to release any of the tensions, toxins, traumas, grief, and perceptions that your bodies hold onto and build and soften your bodies so that your mind and soul can follow along.  This is how truth, Satya works first you follow truth and then truth will follow you.  So if you are healing your body then your mind and soul will also heal.

I am really looking forward to meeting all of you that need me because I need you too.

I have always been passionate about needing to love what I do and doing what I love in order for life to be simply easy.  I feel that teaching yoga is my love and through yoga, I will be able to facilitate healing for you and this is my truth, Satya. 


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