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June Wellness Retreat

Adventure Spa and Satya Healing and Wellness are teaming up to offer you the ultimate relaxation experience for your body, mind, and soul in the heart of nature.

Indulge in the following rejuvenating activities described below. 

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Wood Fired Sauna

Let the warmth of the sauna from Adventure Spa soothe your muscles and melt away tension, preparing you for a day of serenity.


Yoga & Meditation

Join Tammy from Satya Healing and Wellness for a blissful yoga and meditation session, connecting with your inner self and finding peace amidst nature's beauty.

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Nature Time

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the woods, taking in the fresh air and scenic views. Relax by the crackling campfire and savor healthy homemade soup cooked over the fire, nourishing your body and soul.


Chilled Vegetarian Dish

Enjoy a homemade cold vegetarian dish at this June Wellness Retreat.  The dish is to be announced closer to the day of the retreat.  Any special food allergies/considerations are to be emailed to at time of booking.

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Book In Groups

Gather your friends or loved ones and book your group retreat today! Limited to 6 people per group at the price of $225 per group.

*Only one person per group may book in the available time slots.* 

Flexible Schedule

Choose from available times for your sauna session, which will be directly followed by a yoga and meditation session. Plus, enjoy relaxation time by the campfire either before or after your sessions, depending on your booking time.

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